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06-16-2000, 10:26 AM
We took the boat out yesterday and fished the Harbor. got into a school of fish yesterday that was incredible. They were hitting top water, polaris poppers and Yo-zuri mag poppers w/teaser rigs all afternoon long, the best part was that they just kept coming back for it, 6-7 times before they wuld just smakc that popper, alot of the bigger fish took the teaser, it was a rush. Most of the fish we got were 24-29" alot of doubles and I got one keeper that was 31". It was a blast. We tried chuncking some bait in the AM but baitcaster was the only one to hook up and the fish was only about 27". We were marking alot of fish but they just weren't on the feed, it didn't heat up until a little later in the day, and was well worth the wait. Yee ha!!!!
tight lines!!!!

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