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06-21-2000, 11:14 AM
I get frustrated, The problem is most people on these boards just dont get it. Way to much talk about fishing and not enough actuall fishing.No one,No one!! Is going to tell me to go pound sand!! Or that Im wrong!! I have way to many fish under the belt and notched out in the sand for anyone to tell me I dont know what Im doing.

It is clearly obvious that I know A Thing or two about what im doing.Luck only carries you so far my friends.You want to make the ron arras of the world rich men?? Go right ahead!! No skin off my teeth!! You want buy eveynew lure on the market because some "online" tackle store says there a "must have" then so be it!! The truth is Im can fish circles around anyone with a bucktailjig and a live eel all night long!!!

Everyone talking about all these "souped up" abu reels with the super mega ultracast bearings,are catching squat!! Talk to some old timers,What were they using!! They caught more 40plus pound fish than most of you will see in a lifetime!!

I could catch fish with a Kmart "bluelight special" for 20 bucks!! Its not the equipment my fellow "armchair" fisherman.Its the guy behind it.The guy who worries about conditions,winds and structure who I respect,not the guy who come wandering down the beach looking like a walking catalog for LLBean !! I respect the guys who have several 50s from the beach who did it the hardway,who didnt listen to what everyone else was doing but, made his own luck!!

Fish do not change , people do.The fish do not care what you use!! The same methods that worked 100 years ago will still work today!!

John M
06-21-2000, 11:34 AM
then why the need to counter what I said. Anyway your still worng and I will tell you that over and over.......

BTW I never said anything about you not being able to fish, or pounding sand. What I said was its obvious you havent been to other places thats all, people fish differently everywhere thats need to take that into account, before making blanket statements or at least qualify your blanket statements to RI/MA or what ever the qualification is.......

Now on to other firestorms <img src="/Images/Happy_Face.gif"><!--e1--> Those "oldtimers" killing all those 40#s are part of the reason we have so few today. In fact killing all those 40#s to sell for pennies a pound helped the collapse happen. I am not dumb enough to argue they caught 40# on every cast they didnt, but they caught allot of them and it hurt the fishery didnt it?

Oh I am offended by your comment we need to fish more and talk less......I for one have to work everyday 7-5 or so, look at most of the posts most are form an office somewhere or at night in the off season.........if I could be fihsing I woudl be but instead I am here fighting with you (in jest mostly) but its fun none the less........

your turn <img src="/Images/Happy_Face.gif"><!--e1-->

06-22-2000, 06:39 AM
Hi JohnM, The post was meant as a half joke to get some good long threads going and some lively discussion!! I realize you have too work and respect that !! I better stop now before "big brother" pulls my exploits form the board!!!! Anyway,if that happens I will still have to see him this weekend!!

I love the word "tweak" it just has a nice ring too it !!

John M
06-22-2000, 10:23 AM
I agree Bill Tweak is a great word.....darn I was hoping to get into an "internet brawl" its been a long time since we had a good war......oh well maybe next time......