View Full Version : Sunday Morning Ditch Fishing

John P
06-30-2000, 09:20 PM
Taking my 21 year old, 18 year old, and 11 year old to the Ditch early Sunday AM (before sunrise).. really want them to catch fish - need suggestions where -EAST or WEST - and what bait to use etc. Should arrive at the canal before 3am..Help!!

07-01-2000, 12:20 AM
east end should be good 3 am sunday. I'd jig or you could throw bait at very end of bike path on east end.

07-01-2000, 04:47 AM
Ditto on the East End choice. Since most of the migrating troops have passed, the Roccus that have set up residence seem to be what's have become slow to take....If you like to fish bait, that would be a good choice, as would live/rigged/skinned eels if you prefer casting; fish deep. Jigs are not as productive now, and probably won't be 'til the fall. Not saying they will not fish at all, just that my $ is now on the eel skins, etc., ...I am having success with them. You're right on the money to fish nights....This weekend brings "breaking tides" as well, so surface activity is a strong possibility at dawn....if you run into that, fish are lit up, so toss whatever will reach them...

This has been my recent experience...good luck.


Mike P
07-01-2000, 08:43 AM
I'm in complete agreement with Harible and Saltheart, head east. Low slack is just about at first light, 4:13 AM. Scusset jetty to the Herring Run are areas where breaking fish should show. I would try the area from pole 10 (Pip's Rip) to pole 20 (Good Hole) with jigs or eels while it's still dark. Head to Scusset Beach parking lot, and follow the perimeter of it to a parking area near the Canal. Just have the kids be extra careful on the rocks, there are places where the rocks are covered with weeds at low tide.

07-01-2000, 11:11 AM
Fished the ditch last night. Very high tide. We got fish on everything. 2 OZ Bare jig and curltail , 2 oz shad head jig and body and 2 OZ bucktail with a Porko tail. That got the biggest fish at just over 31 inches. Very high tide so I had to stand on a tiny rock doing the balancing act. PMO We got there at slack and about 45 min into west turn we started getting some. Got hot at about 11 then went dead.