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07-10-2000, 07:17 AM
Hey everyone. People on this board seem pretty knowledgable regarding RI fishing, so I'll throw this question out there for you all. I am going to a wedding in Narragansett this weekend, and am planning to get there Friday night and stay through Sunday. I know there are some good spots, but I've never been to the town and don't know how to get to them. Can someone give me basic directions to a spot or two nearby? Any tips on how to fish that area would be great as well. My experience in RI is confined to Watch Hill and East Beach and the breachways. Also, will the oil problem hurt us, or is that not near town?

By the way, caught the biggest striper of my short(three years now) surf fishing career just after dark on Saturday night. 45 inches, returned unharmed. My best guess on weight is about 35-40 pounds, but I didn't weigh it so I don't know for sure. Gotta love the black Mambo Minnow.

07-10-2000, 02:42 PM
Several options...

Narrow River - The only way I know to get is one that I could not possibly describe but I know there is a common access way that many people use, like Saltheart who posts here frequently so hopefully he can chime in.

Scarborough Beach - I have not fished it but it seems to be a popular beach spot

Narragansett Pier - there is a very sweet rocky section meeting the beach at Narragansett Pier. Many people fish the beach front up to the sea wall and I personally have fished along the rock section from the Pier/Restaraunt for smaller keepers and blues (only once this year though). There is a rocky ledge that has good whitewater breaking over it and a section of rocks which you can work and stand on, Korkers Recommended, to get to that area to fish. to the left of that section of rocks is a small pool type area that has held fish in the past for me - no monsters though... Park along the seawall - they two at the pier resteraunt

Pt Judith Light area - Have not fished it before but alot of people fish out of the rocky areas in front of the Light House (I think still under repair with the light section missing) and have heard that many nice fish have come out of there.

There is also a stretch along the East Wall jetty protecting the Port of Galilee that many fish (not sure if much success though)

Of course, Narragansett is not all that far from the Beaches and Breachways either <img src="/Images/biggrin.gif"><!--e7-->

Blitz, I do a fair amount of fishing in Rhody but I will not be able to explore many of the areas I want to learn until I'm living there full time (house is under construction)

Lets get a couple of the Rhody Regulars to pitch in...

07-10-2000, 07:22 PM
As much as I would like to chime in,I cant! 99 percent of the narragansett spots I fish(as you well know) are all private and access is via permission only.

The best stretch of beach in narragansett that is open to public access is black point too the garden "aka" pier one right at the end of the seawall on the southern end.

07-10-2000, 08:50 PM
Nice fish blitzseeker! Well this weekend you have high tides about 7 AM and 8PM. I'd fish Point Judith Light in the morning.But Id get there about 4 AM. I'd fish eels or a Pearl Bomer with a sand eel teaser and if no luck , I'd try a needlefish with same teaser. I chose Point Judith cause you can also favor one side or the other depending on the wind that morning. If its the normal SW then fish right out front. If SE fish to the east side and even up along the old restaurant parking lot. There is a ton of parking at Point Judith. At sunset I guess I'd fish Black Point till about 10:30. Fish eels in the rocks. Then I'd go park as far east as i could at Narragansett Beach and walk east to the mouth of the river, About a fifteen minute walk. Unless you have a dunes permit its the easiest approach. You can also walk down from Sprague Bridge on the west side and fish along the way if you prefer. You'll need waders and good legs for that though. I'd drift eels in the outgoing and also cast out offshore at the rocks outfront. Also try some Yozuris Tobies or needlefish. Except with the eels , I'd always have a teaser on. If you aren't up to the walk you can fish the river south of the bridge or even drive over to Middlebridge. Thats easy access areas but the fishing will be better outside I think. Just forget about east of the river. You got to know exactly where to go and do it Commando style to fish those areas now (access is the RI surfcasters biggest problem). About the only daylight places I would try would be the extreme right hand side of Scarborough beach (Sheeps Pen ..almost) at about 8AM. Use bucktails and teasers. Have some poppers ready. The other daytime place you would never guess. I seldom tell people this tip but I feel generous and the tide happens to be right this weekend. If you get a very hot day with a late afternoon storm ( got to be later like after 4 this weekend), head right for the Pier. About 20 minutes after the rain starts , there should be fish off the right hand side of the Pier I think the fresh water running down the rocks west of there and the incoming tide sets up a salinity gardient there they seem to like) . Sometimes you can cast to them from the side of the Pier wall (I recommend sliding down on you butt cause its a long way down if you Fall.) More likely though you will be able to reach them by walking along the rocks going to the right towards the point with the big flag pole. They should be on top and you have to reach them so have a big popper ready with a teaser. I'd stay away from Hazard and Newton Ave for safety sake. Blackpoint area is much safer (still not safe if you don't pay attention but safer) You got to have korkers for BP or Point Judith. If you aren't used to that stuff just hit the beach areas I mentioned. Of all the possibilities mentioned , I think the outside at the Narrow River starting fishing about 11PM(allow time to walk out) is your best oppurtunity in the Narragansett area this weekend. Good luck.

07-11-2000, 07:27 AM
Saltheart, There is a ton of fish at narragansett town beach right now,(always happens this time of year) From 6pm till dark is the time and sand eel teasers ahead of small poppers or swimming plugs is the ticket.The tide does not make much difference,time of day does and sunsett is hot right now.

I fished the river and the only thing there is tons of small bluefish , which is ok,if you want alot of action.

The swimming hole and the bass stand are holding fish at night with eels but, there arent many big ones.Both these spots are between black point and first rock.

07-11-2000, 08:57 AM
thanks Bill. Town beach sounds like a place I might want to try with my fly rod after supper some night this week.

07-11-2000, 11:40 AM
Wow, guys, thanks a lot.

I was expecting maybe one reply with a line or two of directions, and I ended up getting everything there is to know about Narragansett striper fishing. I really appreciate it, and hopefully my buddy and I will be able to take advantage of some of these tips.

I'll let you guys know how we make out.

07-18-2000, 08:42 AM
Tried the Narrow luck. Sunday morning. My buddy caught a nice sized fluke on a Crippled Herring, but that's it. Not sure if the heavy surf hurt us or what, but it just wasn't happening. One of those days.

For my first time there, though, the place sure looked "fishy". When I first arrived I thought there was no way we'd leave without catching a few. That'll teach me to count my stripers before they've been caught. I saw some guys catch one or two....they were out on those rocks just offshore. Guess they just get out there at low tide and fish until the next low?

Also drove up to a place called Black Point fishing area...walked down to the rocks around noon for a few minutes just to check it out. I thought it looked "fishy" too, but it was mid day and I had to get back to Boston anyway.

Although I had no luck, thanks again for all the advice. I'll have to give the area another shot sometime.

07-18-2000, 09:15 AM
Blitz, I fished not too far from you Friday night to no avail. A couple hits on eels and my friend I was fishing with got a nice run on a larger keeper (he said it felt reel good) but other than a couple hits, nothing there. We then went to Quonny (hate the crowds this place gets) where a couple of smaller keepers were caught by others... Prety much a quiet night...

But yes, that whole area is very fishy <img src="/Images/biggrin.gif"><!--e7-->