View Full Version : Current Striped Bass regs by state

04-06-2000, 12:25 PM
What is your feeling on the new or proposed regulations for striped bass in your state this year?

As it was explained to many of us this will be only for year 2000 as a new management plan will be enabled for 2001+. Current talk is for a future coastwide slot limit...<img src="/Images/Happy_Face.gif"><!--e1-->
Mass has gone to one 30" <img src="/Images/Sad.gif"><!--e2--> fish per day per angler. I know many people that pushed for a higher minimum size limit. The vast majority of members from the Mass Striped Bass Association were pushing for a 34-36" minimum size. Although many club members were hoping for talk on a slot limit (myself inluded with no intention of keeping smaller fish), the state advisory boards only gave the options of status quo or a slight increase to a 30" minimum size...
Sound off on what you feel your state is doing or not doing enough...

Mike P aka "DJ"
04-06-2000, 08:15 PM
John, it appears that NY is staying with the status quo--a one fish bag, 28" minimum size, with a "party/charter boat" exception that allows fares to keep 2 fish at 28" or better. CCA-NY and a lot of the clubs wanted higher minimums and elimination of the charter exception, and it looks like we're not getting it. Personally, I support the old 36" limit, but I could live with 34".

I would like to see the MV Derby go back to their old 38" minimum--no one is going to win anything with a 32" bass, unless they are fishing somewhere sheltered during a full gale that shuts the rest of the Island down.

John M
04-07-2000, 07:49 AM
Looks like NJ is putting a "hammerhead" slot in this year......I fish 24-28 inches and one over 28 inches plus another over 28 inches if oyu have a bonus tag. I think its a joke. In order to protect thre 8 year old fish we are going to kill shorts. Makes no sense to me. We are killing too many bass and now we are goign to kill more in NJ. Its a fish grab with NJ looking ot raise landings for use in the future allocations. <img src="/Images/Sad.gif"><!--e2--> I would settle for 1 fish at 28 inches and be done, prefereably I would like to see 1 fish at 24 or 26 inches but I will take wqhat i can get.

What we have to do is eliminate the special clauses for charters etc, they are commercials really, not recs, why do they get to kill more? SO they can make more money thats why!!!! its wrong.