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04-10-2000, 03:08 PM
West Wall Picks <img src="/Images/biggrin.gif"><!--e7--> from the other day, sadly there was no fish... <a href="" target="_blank"><!--auto--></a><!--auto-->
Striperbum, this is what the place looks like...

04-10-2000, 07:28 PM
Hey John - NICE PICTURES! The area looks much bigger than I imagined. The "flat" rocks on the jetty are a very welcome sight. How far out do they go? I'll probably head down there myself either next Monday or the following Monday - depending upon the weather and tides. I procured a map of R.I. and have travel route all planned. One last question though - where is nearest "safe" parking? See ya'll @ the Wall!

04-10-2000, 07:52 PM
Striperbum, whassupp? The flat rocks run pretty far out but I have never gone more than 20' beyond the first bend... Obviously get as close to the water as you are comfortable. The black and green slick on the lowest rocks will assist you into swimming if you are not carefull <img src="/Images/biggrin.gif"><!--e7-->. Barring a hurricane, I will be down there next Monday (vacation all week) so maybe I'll see you. Parking is just over the hill from the wall. There is a section of parallel parking just beyond the little rotary. Some people park in front of the houses, rarely more than once. Many vehicle get towed out if you are in a private parking spot...