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07-08-2005, 11:31 AM
I have a 14ft Crosby that I love and my wife hates. It's boat number 3 so I have to part. It's basically a small speed boat that I love as a lake, calm ocean fishing boat.

The floor was spongy so I tore it out summer and laid in a new floor with 3/4" plywood strips that are epoxied in place. Very solid and waterproof. I then covered it with a nice marine floor covering. I have repainted the boat: nice pleasant yellow top and white hull. It has a 196X 40hp Johnson that I have used for many years, but have stored it for the last 3. It is not pumping enough water to cool properly. I had my mechanic replace the impeller, but that didn't do it. He said maybe replacing the water pump would do the trick, but I need to stop spending any more money. The motor does start. I need to get this out of my driveway.

If you know how to work on outboards, you could have this running fine for short money. This motor has always run beatifully. If you have another motor, just put that on.

I took the old ratty plastic windshield off. I have enjoyed the boat without a windsheld. I have removed all the original seats and made one bench seat with room under the seat for tackle. There's some nice open space for fishing.

You can take all that for free - no strings attached.

I tore out the pulley steering and have purchased and installed telefex steering. I paid ~$170 for the steering box and cable. The stainless standoff bracket that mounts to the stern was $100, and the stainless tube for the cable was $90. The special connector to go from the cable to the motor was $35. I think that I can still return these parts and get my money back. If you want them we can work something out. Right now, everything is installed. This is material that you will need.

The galv trailer is very nice, but need new springs. If you want the trailer, I would want $100. I would prefer to keep the trailer, but if necessary will sell it.

If interested call me at work M-F at 978 659 3789. I'm usually there 7-4:30. You may need to leave me a message. I'm on the phone a lot.
Home in the evenings at 781 444 3305. The boat is in Needham.