View Full Version : VS surf bags for trade / sale.

07-12-2005, 03:27 PM
I have a large and a small, used, set of VS surf bags. Large has 2 rows, small has 1 row, 4 or 5 tubes per row. Both have about 1 season on them and the tubes are well used. I think they have a couple splits in them, but they function perfectly. The bag material is still in perfect warn condition. Some scuffs and scrapes, but no tears or cuts. The bags are at my camper in RI, not my home, so I can't get a picture or double check the specifics. Looking to trade for a large Aquaskins bag +.... Not really looking for any other trades, but might sell. Paid $125 for the large bag, and $85 for the smaller one 3 seasons ago. Make an offer on the pair if you want to buy them. I'll be in SoCo RI this weekend.