View Full Version : Another N.Y. deer with the bow.

11-21-2005, 07:58 AM
Jane and I took off for a few days in Florida last week. We got back Wed. night at 11:00pm and had a message to be ready at 4:00am on Thursday to go to N.Y. bow hunting again. I packed and was out the door at 4:30 thur. in my stand in N.Y. by 2:30 pm and a basket rack two point hanging by 4:30. Could have taken a small doe also as she came in 2 min. after I shot the buck but let her go for another time. No pictures yet as my camera was still full from the Fl. trip. Will get a picture up later today.

snake slinger
11-21-2005, 05:44 PM
sweet! bow hunting is tuff.ive ben out with the bow and seen a lot of deer that i had to pass up that i could have killed with a gun.i havent got one with a bow yet.

11-21-2005, 06:37 PM
Its a good thing you don't start a new thread every time you catch a bass:rolleyes:
Looks like we know who's bringin the legs to the legs ;)
What the hell are you doin going down south for the rut:smash:

11-22-2005, 01:20 AM
:jump: oh heck dont stop now phuutt whapp a few more.
i like it :bounce: hope you git a few more

11-22-2005, 08:09 AM
Sorry but by the time I got to my partners house yesterday he had cut up and deboned the deer already so all I could get a picture of is these monster horns from them :eek5: