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12-08-2005, 06:50 PM
Here are the three recreational Cod options for 2006. 3 Options for Rec. Fishermen. Only 1 will be picked at Jan/Feb. Council Meeting.These may be discussed at Groundfish O/S meeting in Peabody Mon.Dec.12

Draft Framework Adjustment 42
November 30, 2005

1.2.7 Recreational Fishing Measures

These measures are designed to achieve a reduction in the mortality of G.O.M. Cod that is due to Recreational (including Party / Charter) Fishing. Option 1 - Cod Possession Season and Minimum Size Increase

Recreational (including party/charter) vessels are prohibited from possessing cod in statistical areas 511. 512, 513, 514, and 515 from November l through March 31. The minimum size for cod will be 24 inches.

Rationale: This seasonal prohibition and increase in minimum fish size is designed to achieve the necessary mortality reduction while providing opportunities to target other stocks. Option 2 - Seasonal Cod Possession Prohibition in the WGOM Closed Area Closure

The possession of cod caught in the WGOM Closed Area by recreational (including party/charter) vessels is prohibited from June 1 through March 31.

Rationale: This seasonal prohibition on cod possession improves the effectiveness of the WGOM Closed Area, allows for year-round recreational fishing in other areas, and meets the mortality reduction requirements. Option 4 - Seasonal Cod Possession Prohibition in the Gulf of Maine

The possession of cod by recreational (including party/charter) vessels is prohibited during the months of April and May in statistical areas 511.512.513.514. and 515.

Rationale: This measure meets the required mortality reduction while keeping the minimum fish size the same as current regulations, preserving opportunities to fish for other species, and allowing year-round access to the Western Gulf of Maine Closed Area (though cod cannot be retained from this area in April and May).