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02-03-2006, 10:17 AM
The NE Fisheries Management Council passed new COD regulations effective May 1, 2006
for recreational fishermen. Minimum length 24", Daily Bag limit 10 fish.

Also, from Nov. 1 till March 31 of each year, recreational, party and charter boats are prohibeted from fishing for COD in the Gulf of Maine Regulated Mesh Area though they may pass through the area so long as: (a). Hooks are removed from all rods on the boat and (b). No COD may be cleaned while passing through the area.

On the attached chart the GOM Regulated Mesh Area is the shaded area.

02-03-2006, 12:38 PM
Not to jump thread but if SBer's do a winter cod trip 'I AM GAME'.hint hint

02-03-2006, 02:06 PM
I second that idea Tony

02-03-2006, 02:50 PM
I agree. I have in past years gone out on the Helen H for an overnight wreck or long distance cod trip.

02-03-2006, 04:05 PM
that area is still open for commerical thou,I bet.:nailem: oh yea cod trip sounds good.

02-03-2006, 05:19 PM
that area is still open for commerical thou,I bet.:nailem: oh yea cod trip sounds good.

The area is closed to all draggers and open only for seining and mid-water trawl and tub trawls.

02-05-2006, 09:54 AM
As a charter boat owner and operator I feel option one is the best one which will allow reasonable bag limits and still attract customers. This will also help those spawning fish inshore during Novmber spawn without the increasing recreational fleet. I loved those fish and targeted them each year taking only reasonable numbers. If this is what it will take than so be it.

I can't wait to start running the charters again in April bouncing jigs on the bottom on Stellwagen Bank. Let's hope this years weather is better than last.


Capt Dave Waldrip

02-07-2006, 08:36 AM
I didn't mention above, but the Party-Charter Control Date was established at the last meeting of the Council as Feb. 1, 2006. Right now, it means nothing.

But the intent is that, at a future time, the council could refuse entry to new party/charter boats not holding permits issued before the date to fish for groundfish in federal waters. In effect, it can create a limited-entry for Cod & Haddock after the control date.

02-09-2006, 11:37 AM
Anyone Interested in an offshore cod trip?