View Full Version : Abu Garcia Record No. 60 rebuild

07-06-2006, 10:02 PM
here's a pictorial I found on the left coast you guys might want to have a peek at if you own Ambassaduers and need to do maintenance.

big steve
07-14-2006, 06:23 PM
that was a good link, but the person doing that maintenance failed to go over any of the level wind parts from what i could see he didn't even refer to it, the record #60 has a lot of different part in it that aren't found in most abu reel take the one way spool bearings, the carbon drag , the 6 fingured spool brake, the cog gear with the bearing behind it, and so on, i've never even worked on one yet . but that person didn't even notice half that stuff. i love abu 6500 i have several that i've hot rodded and i'd love to help any one out if they have any questions about those 6500 or 7000. at this time i've upgraded my 6500 big game with a set of smoothy drag washers fiber and metal, ceramic spool bearings, the cog gear with the bearing behind it, the worm gear for the level wind has 2 bearings, and soon i'll going to work on balancing the spool. there aren't a whole lot of thing to do too those reels but every little piece makes that much of a difference when you cast.