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10-13-2006, 11:44 AM
I believe ther is a turkey or turkeys in the woods behind my house, and while not a hunter, I have some calls I play around with. I tried sitting out there, but I guess the thing wasn't around when I was. I have a slate turkey call. At various times of the day, though more so around sunset now, I'm really not sure which it is I hear, a putt-putt-putt or cluck-cluck-cluck but I've been trying to imitate it. Just trying to get a rise out of the thing, but it seems to get no louder or softer like it was interested or not. Maybe I'm not responding right. The sound usually goes on 7-12 times in succession. Does anyone understand turkey talk? Should I be responding with what I'm hearing or another way.

10-13-2006, 12:27 PM
Sounds like a hen (cl#^&#^&#^&#^&#^&g).
They aren't likely to be drawn in easily.
If there are toms in the area, then the slate call would be the way to go. The hens tend to follow the "alpha-male" and since he's on the prowl to increase his harem, he can be lured a little more easily.

I hope this was helpful.

Here's a true/funny story:
A couple of years ago we had a tom in our back yard (in Hyde Park) and thought it was neat seeing a turkey up close. As it wandered around our yard, I proceeded to make a turkey call (You know, that stupid "gobble, gobble sound.) but no reaction. Then I realized I was trying to call a male bird with a male call. I then tried a hen call (I can replicate the sound of a slate call quite well.) and th bird came running back and let loose a REAL gobble. I nearly laughed my :bshake: off!
(I guess watching those hunting shows on weekend mornings paid off.)

10-14-2006, 10:36 AM
its not going to come near you if it sees you, you must hide all motion and yourself if you hope to see the bird. they can see very good. it can also pinpoint your location amazingly acurately.
if it has seen you calling from the same location before it is unlikely it will arouse its attention calling from there again.
if you can hear it,it can hear you and my gess is it has seen you.
from your descriptoin of te sound id say it was a location call, it thought you were another bird and was trying to find you and call you over. thats what makes me belive it saw you if you didnt see it first, then it ski daddled
also its unlikely you would here it gobble at this time of the year, its mostly a spring mateing call. you may though when it comes to turkeys amything can happen

10-16-2006, 01:22 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I didn't realize they saw so well. I thought it was scent and hearing they had. Things haven't changed between me and my long necked adversary. If it came in to quiet spy on me I could have been detected. I was sitting on my back steps, somewhat obstructed by some ornamental grass that sticks up. I found a site that had some audio clips of different turkey sounds. What I'm hearing is exactly what they describe as the adult hen assembly call. So if momma was calling in the young, maybe she wasn't responding to my imitating her. There's some old hunters stands out there I'll try next.

10-17-2006, 01:24 PM
you wouldnt use a deer stand to call turkey, youd stick out like a sore thumb. make a blind in some bushes on the edge of a field or opening. someplace you can see aways. they like to be in fields when it rains. good luck, get a licence they taste good. wait till spring and try it then, get out before sunrise, its a blast i love hunting turkey, and scouting for them.