View Full Version : I love N.Y. part two

11-05-2006, 02:06 PM
We ran back up to Woodhull on Tue night at 11:00 pm and were in our stands at 6:00 am Wed. morning. Did not see a deer Wed. morning or night but lots of buck sign scrapes all over the two farms. Thur. morning at 7:00 I had a very large 4 point walk past me at 10 yards but I let him pass in hopes of something bigger. At 8:00 6 does came off the side of the mountain passed me out of range and bedded down just below me. For the evening hunt I moved closer to were the does had gone into the thicket to bed. At 4:00 a very large doe came down the run that ran past my tree followed by 8 more does and skippers back about 80 yards. As she passed me I dew on her as I knew that with all those eyes I would be made for sure if they got close. I got to full draw and one of the other deer saw me move and blew as did all the others but the doe broadside to me. The arrow found its mark and the farmer now has meat for the winter. I had 16 deer go by my stand that day I think after a few more trips up to these farms we should be able to figure out the bucks next year.