View Full Version : "Special hunts"

12-08-2007, 08:36 AM
yesterday, I watched one of the most enjoyable elk hunts that I've ever seen on TV. It involved a handicapped young man [about 19 or so ?] that has cerebral palsy [Not sure about the handicap]. This kid WALKED, with the aid of his partner, and carried his own rifle and a small pack. The excitement in his eyes, at the sighting of the first elk, was priceless. No shot taken. The second elk sighting resulted in a shot and a clean kill. The joy in this young man's eyes brought a tear to my eyes. The gentleman that aided him did an excellent job at encouraging and keeping his confidence and excitement level up. I posted something a short time ago about being proud of what we accomplish on our own, and being able to earn the right to brag about it. Well this kid earned the right to brag. I believe my other post was titled "sexy ?" [just to grab your attention].