View Full Version : Tuna fishing - Ave Maria 9/21

09-23-2002, 09:13 AM
Out on the Ave Maria Sat. 9/21 with a 2 guys from Texas, from the Sithe power plant project. Thanks to Capt. Mike and Patrick for their usual diligent efforts. We spent the day chasing tuna from "H" bouy to "21" off Minots, and although we could not hook up on one of these beautiful fish, it was worth the effort just to see these fish - and in such great numbers, so close to home. Also got to see some Whales, and it was a spectacular day out there.
What an adrenaline rush to get right up on these fish and cast out into a school - basically hitting these fish on their heads !! I had a ball hunting these guys down, and it was a nice change from chasing Blues in the Harbor.