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11-04-2008, 05:22 PM
Zeno's new book will be available starting Thursday morning at 8am and shipping the same day for orders up until approximately 4pm. You can have it in your hands as early as Friday morning from the SWE. You can also stop by the store and pick up a copy even sooner.

The Hunt for Big Stripers by Zeno Hromin (

Book Introduction by legendary NY Surfcaster Al Bentsen

"Zeno Hromin’s new book takes a quantum leap forward, and puts the reader in touch with expert surf fishermen who share with the reader methods of fishing that you may know little or nothing about. As beginners, when we first took up the sport, our goal was to catch a striper. Many of us labored for months, or years, before we caught our first bass. Our next goal was to catch lots of stripers. In this book, Zeno Hromin brings us to the next step. He challenges us to join the hunt for big stripers.

Today, there are more people enjoying surfcasting than ever before in the history of the sport. Many have only recently taken up surf fishing and want to learn everything they can about it. I have gone to seminars and workshops on surf fishing and have been amazed at the crowds in attendance. They come to hear the experts and hang on their every word. This book brings the experts into your home where you can read and re-read each chapter and get something new with each reading. The experts share methods and techniques that some of you have only heard of and did not know how to pursue. All of the writers fish hard and know what they are talking about. Many cut their teeth fishing from the boulders that dot the shore at Montauk. Believe me when I say, if you can fish the surf at Montauk, you can fish anywhere on the coast.

Not only is this a great “how to” book, but it has some entertaining stories that will hold your attention throughout the read. This is Zeno’s second book and it’s another home run. Never has an angler put so much between the covers of two books. Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice this is a great read for you. If you’re an old timer as I am, you can look back to your early days when this book would have been an enormous source of information. It would have put me years ahead of where I was, and it will put you years ahead of where you are today. I am certain that this book will help you put that “bass of your dreams” on the sand. "

Tight Lines, Al Bentsen

The Hunt for Big Stripers by Zeno Hromin (