View Full Version : SB1213M Guide questions

05-25-2009, 05:50 PM
Knowing this is a strong glass blank I'm starting w/ 5guides. Usually on most glass rods I've used 6. The rod will be using braid w/ VS200 and Mono w/ 704. Sizes 50,40 ,30,20, 16 and 16 tip. I have the stripper @ 28" from spool face fully extended. I put the stripper slightly closer to the reel to take advantage of the rod's butt power. The line "cone" looked OK. The rest of the guides from tip are; 6 3/4",11 1/8",12 3/4,15 5/8" & 18 3/4". I tried other combos but w/o casting the set up it stressed fine. Has anyone built this monster in a spinner who can give me their assistance?