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Big Wig
05-26-2009, 07:58 PM
Hello all!

I just wanted to come in here and say hi. I found this place today and I've been browsing through some threads... this is a great forum!

About me...

Well, I fished the sweetwater a lot as a kid and played in the salt a bit in the early 90's when I had my 1st boat. All I ever did was troll for blues and fish for flounder... and drink beer LOL.

A couple years ago I got another boat because I wanted to raise my kids on the water the way I grew up. My son and I did a lot of bass fishing and we had a great time. I traded that boat last fall and moved up to a 20' CC so I can take him (and my daughter when I can talk her into it) out into the brine to catch some stripers! I basically know nothing so it might be awhile before his first keeper but I'll do my best.

I already have some questions and I'll post them in the appropriate forums but for now I'd like to show some pics - I hope you guys don't mind... I show these whenever I get the chance. Fishing with my kids is the greatest thing I've done!

my last boat - I'll miss it:

Brent's personal best smallmouth - 16":

a nice bucketmouth - he outfishes me EVERY time BTW:

the B-man with his gramps and his personal best largemouth - 19.5". This pics was in the Hawkeye!:

my new ride:

1st fish on the new boat. I know, it just a doggie but he caught it 30 seconds after he dropped his line... a chunk of clam on a flouder hook. He got a kick out of it:

Thanks for looking. I look forward to being a part of this community.


05-26-2009, 08:46 PM
Jay - welcome to S-B - Whole reason right there in pics :btu:

Big Wig
05-26-2009, 09:44 PM
Thank you JohnR! I'm happy to be here.

05-28-2009, 03:36 PM
welcome and great pics. We should all have that much fun fishing

06-02-2009, 08:01 PM
Nice boats. Your son catches some nice fish! I'd love to see a few of your fish. If your son saves you some, lol.