View Full Version : Wanted VS250 or zx25

06-09-2009, 01:38 PM
sick and tired of cleaning out my real, rebuilding it every day and have the drag slip when wet. looking for a VS250 or zx25. the thing is i am flat out broke right now, just graduated school a couple of weeks ago and have yet to find a job. i have a ton of stuff to trade, xbox 360 with two controllers and two headsets, has intercooler fan and i have about a dozen games to go with it. also have a monster gt nitro truck that i posted on here before. i also have a bianchi pista track bike and a custom terrible one bmx bike. i also have a winmau blade 3 dart board and some darts. i also have a cannon film slr. i know this is a long shot but someone out there might be able to help me out and i would really appreciate it.