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03-19-2000, 08:20 PM
I'd like to know what equipment is needed if you're just getting started. Basically, what is a good rod/reel set and what else should I get (good bait, waders, etc.) to make a good start.


03-20-2000, 08:48 AM
<b><i><font size="2"><font color="0033cc"> Welcome aboard. Good starter equipment for striped bass would typically be an 8' rod with a spinning reel. I would stay away from most department store combos as they are usually of such poor quality that they break at the checkout counter... The only decent rods I've seen in your typical dept stores are the Daiwa SeaLine, Shakespere Ugly-Stik, and the Fenwick HMG series... Prices would range from $45 to $120 for the rod. As for the reel, I'd recommend the Penn 5500-6500SS series, Penn Power Graph series, Most of the basic Shimano and Daiwa reels. You also can't go wrong with one of the old Penn Z series - a pretty durable reel. Reels will start around $45 and can run up past $100 pretty quick for a decent reel. When you get hooked like the rest of us, $150-250 for a rod and upwards of $200 for a reel won't feel so painfull when you buy it but will hurt when the wife finds out you bought it...

Waders are not a must but recommended for certain fishing areas. If it is where the fish are - you'll want them. You can find the vulcanized rubber chest high waders for about $30 but after about $75 you start to get inot ones that are more comfortable... One main problem with wader selection is the weather. What would be comfortable now will roast you in July when its 95 degrees. Any of the thin ones will freeze you now...

Bait? Depends on where you're fishing to what they are taking. A good rod/reel combo should handle most lighter baits as well as lighter plugs and jigs... Best bet is to talk to a local tackle shop in the area you are to fish.

03-21-2000, 09:23 PM
Silk, It would help to know what kind of surf fishing you think you'd like to do. As John R said, 8' rod would be normal, but Montauk or the Outer Banks, NC (OBX) may take more stick. Likewise, if you are a converted sweetwater, largemouth fisherman, a conventional outfit along the lines of a squidder or ABU might be better. Talk to us and maybe someone can point you toward tackle in the right price range that will produce for your kind of fishing.

03-23-2000, 03:55 PM
The way I got started a few years ago was to talk to the fishermen in the area where I wanted to fish. You'll usually start off with stuff that's a little less quality and trade up as you become more knowledgeable and learn how to treat your gear better. Dollar for dollar fishing is one of the best buys around, even if you have expensive equipment.