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05-06-2000, 07:33 PM
hey John, Tried to call you today,no luck,Im heading out tonight at 11pm to get some herring at gilbert stuart then, at daybreak im going to try the GIB.I hope there around last year they showed up may fourth so, maybe!!! Ill let you know tommorow! Bill

05-06-2000, 09:55 PM
I got sucked in to having to work tomorrow and well, that sucks!!! But I did get out today and ran into some friends where we live-lined some Herring for Linesiders at a location I was sworn not to tell!! (Hey, they fed me buckies in return for my silence <img src="/Images/Tounge_Wink_Face.gif"><!--e5-->, can't argue with live herring!!!!)
We were getting into fish, Biggest caught by Bob (last name witheld to protect the inocent). Most of the stripers were still just a little too small to take the whole herring. Get a good run going but just would not take. Most of the herring were mugged on the surface but you could see that the bass were a tad small. Kinda like when you are a kid and tried to do the things the big kids did but were just a little too small...

Very little is as exciting in Striper fishing as a live herring getting all nuts on you while being chased by a bass followed by that telltale shower of scales and the scream of your reel <img src="/Images/biggrin.gif"><!--e7-->

Thanks guys....

05-08-2000, 07:50 AM
I went down Sat and got herring and fished the Narrow River. Got to the river about 12:30. Had two takes but fish must have been too small to swallow the herring. They are there though. Catching the herring was surprisingly slow. Took about an hour for my friend and I to get a dozen each. This time of year its usually 10 minutes. A great day to be outside.
Saw Bill and Steve leaving Carpenters about 7:30 Friday night. We got none despite fishing till 9:30. The one remaining guy said they had been getting them up till about 7PM. Just got there too late.