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gone fishin
10-21-2009, 09:29 PM
I have a couple of custom Murat wrapped rods. The wrapping colors on the rods is filthy and clouded. I don't want to change the guides or wrapping as these are a work of art. I need help with the following:
•I think the finish on the wrapping is varnish - would that have been his method of finish?
•If it is varnish - how can I clean it up without destroying the wrap or the origional threads?
•What can be used to refinish the wraps?
•Can flexcoat be used to restore the colors?
•Is flexcoat the way to go, or is there something other that would be better?
•The rod has been using tape on reel system. Is there a two piece reel seat made that can be applied without removing the origional guides? The handle is cork tape all the way. Now failing where the reel was applied.
•Anyone have any suggestions on refinishing the rods?
Rods are 11'6" white blanks. Two different actions...

10-22-2009, 12:54 PM
call bob at wickford rodworks for some advice.

10-22-2009, 02:45 PM
I've never tried to restore a rod leaving the original threads and wraps. My guess is that if it's a varnish finish that the colors in the threads can not be recovered due to years of sun damage. With sun damage, the color is simply gone. However, if you have a small area that has no varnish on it, you could put a light coat of flex coat on it and see what it looks like after it dries. That would at least tell you whether the original wraps are worth restoring.

I don't know what shape the threads and wraps are in and that would be necessary to know to determine whether a light solvent could be used to remove the varnish. Again, if there's a "safe" area you could try a small spot. If the varnish could be safely removed, I see no reason why flex-coat couldn't be applied.

The unwrapped part of the blank can be VERY lightly sanded and then cleaned with rubbing alcohol. I like to flex coat the entire blank on old sun-damaged rods to restore a bit of shine to them.

They do make two-piece reel seats but both pieces are "complete tubes" (which is not what I think you want which is something that can be attached to the blank without removing the guides).

10-28-2009, 12:08 PM
I agree that the varnish can not be made clear again and there is no way to restore the brightness to the threads.

You can buy a plate reel seat and easily wrap that on the handle instead of using tape.

If you want to keep the rod in iys original state because you think its valuable then you do not want to change anything by attempting to pretty it up with moderbn materials. Any altering of the rod goes against having it valued as an old original Murat rod.

If it sentimental value then you got to decide if you'd still have the sentiment for it if you rewrapped it. It can easily be redone in total if you jsut like the blank and its action.

I would be inclined to just use it the way it is. A new corktape handle is a trivial thing for any rodbuilder and adding a reel seat is also very simple if a [plate seat will make you happy.