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11-04-2009, 09:32 PM
I have a lami GSB 120 1M according to lami it can throw a lure from three to six ounces. In real fishing I have found these specs to be over rated. I find that 2-2.5 is the optimal casting weight with this blank. Do others find the lami spects to be true or under or over rated? Whats the next blank up weight wise? I would like a blank that would throw 3-3.5 as an optimal weight and be able to throw 4-4.5 on occasion. I was thinking that the lami ssu 132 1mh might be the right blank. This blank according to lami is able to throw 4-8 ounces buit I thik lamis specks are over rated. Does any one out ther have fishing experience with the ssu 132 and what weights it will throw and about the accuracy of the lami specis. thanks chuck all suggestions or comments welcome.

11-05-2009, 09:47 AM
yes, lami ratings are generally a little too high. do some searches on the blanks you are considering as many threads have been asked about the same subject and opinions of weight ratings have been posted.

you should be able to throw 4 ounces with the gsb1201m w/o a problem. it'll do 5, but that's pushing it and you are starting to lob the rod more than throw it.

the ssu1321mh is not as powerful as the ssu1201mh. i've lobbed 5 ounces with my 1201mh, but i don't do that often.

if you think you'll be throwing 4-5 often, you could cut a gsb1321m, go with a glass sb1213m, or an arra xra1261mh. a xra1205 can throw 5, but again, you start to lob. you could also look into some of the 2-piece ssu-series blanks as they are strong, but expect to put some money down.

Mike P
11-05-2009, 01:01 PM
I have a SSU 132 1MH. It is way overrated at 4-8. I'd rate it more as a 2-5 oz rod.

IMO it's the most overpriced rod that Lami makes, as it really gives you no greater performance than the GSB 132 1M that runs a hundred bucks cheaper.

The SSU 120 1MH is, IMO, rated fairly accurately at 2-6 oz. I've never thrown 6, but I do throw 5 on it from time to time and I've never felt that I was asking too much from it. You can also throw 1.5 or even 1 oz with it if you need to. I have that one, too. I think it's a stronger rod than the GSB 120 1M.

If you're really looking for a true 4-8 stick in 11', look at the two piece SSU. I have never seen as drastic a difference between one and two piece models of the same blank, as the one between the SSU 132 1MH and the 2 MH. They are two vastly different blanks.

11-07-2009, 02:53 AM
3 -3.5 - 4 is perfect for an ara 1205. I'm not exactly sure what niche those SSU blanks fill. ????

11-08-2009, 01:12 AM
The SSU blanks are a little faster action than their GSB counterparts, but the true weight they can handle is about the same...having built a few already I'm not sure what "nieche" they fill either.