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11-11-2009, 11:32 AM
:smash: A belateted thank you for the welcome. Of course I forgot my pass word a few times already! (But not my gear) Like I posted I have been mostly a S. Shore Bottom fishermen bay, off shore,montauk offshore when able most of my life but with my recent situation haveing changed I had the old guides on my aprox. 35yrs old surf rod repaired,also purchased a new rod and reel (the last rood and reel were all a 17 -18 year old student could aford,but rod is good now and hopely the fish do not know the diffrence :)) Am slowly trying some new plugs and anding them to my box. And will stay on beach as much as time allows while still young enough not to know any better! Gonna start ventureing about as time permits. Its been a while and parking reg,s, I imagine have changed some inover 35 years since I left the surf .Any easy links to a few beach parking permits/rules would be happily excepted,(lazy man does not want to travel if possable to find out rules and calling each municapality sounds like well we know how not easy it is to get through.)Got my brand ne I am not thrilled about the idea license but on the beach I have noticed a higher ratio of fishermen to shall I say folks with out courstesy, well all thing must chang and the Gov. know,s best,so they keep telling us.(I dabbaled on occasion) since then but am in for good now although I do not rule out a boating excursion from time to time. Thanks again.
hints,guidance,advise and PRAYERS exepted in my new/old endeavor.

11-28-2009, 09:24 AM
Belated you're welcome :hihi: