View Full Version : Custom Rod for Xmas!!!!

12-27-2009, 02:56 PM
Might be the best xmas gift ive ever got!!! My girl went and picked up my custom rod from the builder and gave it to me for xmas. I was getting kind of pissed cause he kept giving me the run around, now it makes sense.

Its a lami isu blank, 11ft 3-8oz, lowrider guides, fuji reel seat, and shrink wrapped butt, like the st. croix legend.

The guy who built it is extremely nice and retired sgt. and seeing both my great grandfathers and grandfathers were either army or navy it all makes sense.

In the pic of the wrap youll see 4 red "blood lines" which is his signature thing, represents fallen soldiers from the vietnam war, so not only does he make a great rod it also honors our troops and freedoms. excellent warranty too!

The pics do not do it justice.

Metallic emerald green with silver accents, looks sweet in person.

i was throwing a 3 oz pencil today about 40 yards further with this rod than the off the shelf lami, which is the same blank.

PM me if you want more info, Im not trying to advertise for him or anything on the site, just sharing a great custom rod.

12-27-2009, 05:46 PM
Merry Christmas and one hell of a sweet looking rod. I believe I've met the retired Sgt.Major last Oct. at the old Capt.Don's B&T seems to be one hell of a nice guy.
All the best with the new rod.

12-27-2009, 07:45 PM
A new rod is always a good Christmas present. Good Luck with it!

Just handle pictures of a Low Rider rod?? :confused:

12-27-2009, 07:48 PM
haha sorry, yeah the pics of the guides and wrap didnt come out so hot, so i posted the reel section instead.