View Full Version : Saw some old plugs in mid-Cape antique place

03-31-2010, 04:02 PM
If any collectors are interested. I was digging around an antique place just up the road from Truman's in West Yarmouth and happened on some older looking Creek Chubs (large and diff. sizes) and other similar plugs, plus another I think also there was a tuna plug, sleek, with a lead head and wood body, single hook. I think there were 8 altogether, plus some around the corner. Anyway, like I said, the place is just up the street from Truman's B&T, opposite side of the street (back in the late 1970's it was one of the places to go for happy hour I just can't remember the name then). Go straight in, at the far end of the glass case look left and down low to the ground.