View Full Version : Over 2,500 Sale Items

05-27-2010, 10:12 AM
Hey Guys and Gals, just wanted to give the heads up we recently made a few changes to the sale criteria on the website. This resulted in a HUGE BACKLOG of sale items (currently over 2,500 items) that are on sale. If you go to this link you can search all the sale items by brand, category and more:

Edge Sale Items (

Here's a few slices I thought might be interesting:

Fishing Lures on Sale ( (

Fishing Rods on Sale ( (

Saltwater Edge Gear on Sale ( Apparel&brand.value=Saltwater%20Edge&v=table&n=25)
( Apparel&brand.value=Saltwater%20Edge&v=table&n=25)
Those are just a few ways to slice the sales items, we appreciate everyone's patronage and hope you can find a great deal on an item you need.

Thanks Everyone!