View Full Version : OTI delivery at the SWE

05-27-2010, 12:08 PM
Some stuff is here , and some has already been assaulted by customers who were swarming like tuna on a bunker school, and some we have to wait a little longer on as it simply isn't available just yet. But here's what came in today. We've still got some image work to do on the website but almost everything we have in stock is online and available. More to come such as OTI terminal tackle as soon as it arrives.

OTI Fathom Blades ( Just the 500g spin and conventional in stock currently.

OTI Jager Jigs ( 200g, 300g, and 400g in various colors.

OTI Jumbo Jigs ( 200g, 300g, and the big 450g in various colors

OTI Jitterbel Jigs ( in 220g and 320g, various colors.

OTI Komodo Poppers (, various colors

OTI Wave Dancers ( in various colors

OTI Sea Dragon (

OTI Popstick (

OTI Phantom (