View Full Version : We now have Blue Frog Bucktail Jigs

06-04-2010, 01:20 AM
We've heard a lot of good things about the Blue Frog Bucktails ( Now they're here! We're excited to add these to our bucktail jig selection:

Check out all the Blue Frog bucktails (

Blue Frog Arrowhead Swing Hook Bucktails ( k%20Bucktails&v=table&n=25) ( k%20Bucktails&v=table&n=25)

Blue Frog Deep Diver Swing Hook Glow Bucktails ( Hook%20Glow%20Bucktails&v=table&n=25) ( Hook%20Glow%20Bucktails&v=table&n=25)

Blue Frog Fixed Hook Bucktails ( s&v=table&n=25) ( s&v=table&n=25)

Blue Frog Fluke Hopper Twin Rubber Tail Jigs ( 0Rubber%20Tail%20Jigs&v=table&n=25) ( 0Rubber%20Tail%20Jigs&v=table&n=25)

Blue Frog Pot Belly Swing Hook Bucktails ( ook%20Bucktails&v=table&n=25) ( ook%20Bucktails&v=table&n=25)