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07-17-2010, 08:05 PM
Hi all! I'm actually a custom fly rod maker who has a huge attraction to the surf as well. I don't know a whole lot about the striper fishing game, but I've done tons of homework on it. It seems that there is no one best way to catch these fish and that anything MAY work at any given time....if you know what to look for. I've put alot of time in on the surf this year and although I get skunked more often than not, I noticed that I'm not the only fact I haven't witnessed a single striper catch in over a month. I know the water temps are HIGH here in NJ, but the fish are still here, even if the quantity isn't. I just caught a 49 1/2"er on the fly with 8lb tippet 2 weeks ago. I've seen nothing caught on bait for some time.

Here is the problem. Where I fish, the water is shallow(waist deep) for up to 75 or more yards. The bigger fish are holding over 100 yards past that......50yards or more past the 3rd set of breakers. I've been wading to the 2nd set of breakers just to make my casts.....and I do catch fish, but I want to be able to make those longer casts with spinning and conventional gear without having to take the dip. I definitely won't be able to do that when the cold weather hits, for danger reasons alone!

I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas on which gear to go with. Typical baits here are clams and bunker with weights from 4 to 6 oz in the warmer months and 8 - 10oz when it get cold and nasty. I need to get 8 plus bait past that 3rd wave and do it without swimming! I've been looking at a Daiwa 13'3" Saltiga Ballistic Surf SA-BS 35-405G rod paired with a ABU 7000IC3 CT Mag HS for the bigger weights and a Breakaway LDX 13' rod paired with a Daiwa Saltiga Surf SASURF6000 reel for the lighter stuff. I generally use 65lb braid for heavy and 50lb for lighter. Can anyone tell me if these two outfits will do the trick? My casting is pretty good, as long as I'm not using my current stuff.

07-17-2010, 08:13 PM
Distance fishing with weight and bait is the provence of Hatteras guys.
Send a pm to ReelinRod and I'd bet he could help you.
You might look into CTS rods, as well.....I think they are becoming popular with that crew.