View Full Version : GSB1201L lowrider layout ( i.e., 10 footer with lowriders)

07-25-2010, 02:14 PM
Here is one that works nicely with a Shimano 5000 sized reel (2" spool diameter) and 40# Diawa braid and a 10 foot rod

Blank GSB1201L
Reel stem is 22.5" from butt
Reel seat is a Fuji NPS 18 (highly suggested as being more comfortable than a standard seat), the front of the reel seat is 25" from the butt)

Guide layout is TLCSG 16M-12-8, then T-KTSG single foot 8-8-8-8-8-8-TMNST10/10 tip

Spacings from the installed tip (to the front base in the case of the slanted TKLSG's) are 4 1/2", 9 3/8", 14 1/8", 19 1/4", 25 3/8", 31 5/8" 39 1/4", 48 1/4", 59 1/2 ". This puts the 16M collector 38 3/4" from the reel stem.

Light as a feather, casts great, and has enough balls to handle fish @ 40lbs (though you'll be nervous).

I'm pretty sure a similar layout (with slight adjustment of the running guides) would do equally well for this size reel on most 10 foot blanks so I'm posting this as a point of reference. For wider spooled reels it may not.