View Full Version : jigging, popping, and tuna gear at the SWE

08-11-2010, 04:15 PM
It took a while to get some of these products (all year for some of them) but a lot of new product has come through the doors here at the SWE.

Some have been here all along such as almost all sizes of Shimano Stella SW's ( and Van Staals ( but we've also added the Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight (, Shimano Talica (, and Shimano Talica II ( series to the mix.

In-store (and online soon too) we have Jerry Brown Hollow Core in 60, 80, 100, and 130, and to go with it we carry a large selection of BHP Tackle top-shots and wind-ons (

Spinal Rods ( - These have proven to be really popular, especially the popping rods. We're a little thin on them right now with just a scattering of jigging and popping rods on hand, but we have a re-stock coming very soon. pg

While it's extremely rare to have an issue with the Owner ST-66 4x treble hooks (, some people wanted more. So now we also offer the Owner ST-76 5x treble hook ( It's almost indestructible.

OTI 2010 Tuna Snipers ( are now in stock as well as the updated Ocean Xtreme series. The new 7'6" Sniper ( is REALLY powerful and will be right at home on a 200 pound tuna. Be sure you either have a harness or are very confident in your fighting skills, it takes a lot of power to bend this rod.

We're really happy with the Ocean Xtreme Series (, in particular the 786S model ( it has a lot of backbone, but a tip soft enough to throw unweighted 12" Sluggos.

We also carry the full line of Van Staal jigging rods (

Lures - We've got what works. Time tested choices from RonZ (, Tattoo's Tackle (, Got Stryper Baits and jig heads (, Lunker City (, Ledgerunner (, Point Jude (, Ocean Saltwater Lures (, OTI ( and more (

We've greatly increased our selection of line and leader material as well, both in number of manufacturers and size range. We now carry Blackwater (, Momoi (, and Yo-zuri ( in addition to lines we've always carried such as Seaguar ( and Ande (

We are also in the process of expanding our selection of trolling gear. We already have some odds and ends in the store with more to come. Stay tuned for new additions.

Have other products you'd like us to carry? Just let us know. There's a chance it's already here and if it isn't we will definitely try to order it and add it to the line up.