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01-09-2011, 12:27 PM
Well I started out thinking I would do a European mount of my Thanksgiving day buck. When push came to shove the needs of basic life took over and it was hard to find the time. I looked at some other options, and ended up with this. .
This is the Archers Choice Skull Master kit made by Mountain Mike's reproductions. I bought my kit at Reedy's Archery:

Basically you need to cut the antlers off at the base flush under the burr.

Next flatten or smooth the antler base, I used a belt sander to do them as best as I could. Next step requires a vise or second set of hands, the diameter of the antler above the burr dictates which size skull plate to use. Mine were just under 5" and according to the directions the small plate should have been used, the large plate is use for 5' and up. I decided to go with the large plate as it looked better than the small with the antlers on it. This is where the second pair of hands come in, while holding the antler against the base, have someone drill a 3/16" pilot hole 1 3/4" deep onto the antler, using the hole in the skull plate as a guide. Once this done on both antlers use the screws included to snug up the antlers to the base. At this point you should be able to move the antlers by hand to adjust them. Once they are where you want them, tighten the screws, but be careful not top crack the base. Next mount the skull plate and antlers to the base using the 2 included screws and you are done.

01-09-2011, 12:29 PM
my happy helper

01-09-2011, 05:45 PM
Looks real to me,great Job