View Full Version : Rod Wrapper Reverse Mode

02-09-2011, 11:58 AM
So, you know when your wrapping a long underwrap or wrapping an easy guide with "bigger" thread and your on turbo mode cruising.......then you get an run over, by the time you take your foot off the peddle you have at least 3 wraps you need to unwrap.

This is no problem when you are down by the grip, easy to reverse by hand. But as you move down the rod this is harder as to spin the rod backward there is no finger torque to do it on the blank.

Does anyone make a reversable motor, a second peddle for the other way?

Sure would be handy, or maybe I just have to slow down.

02-09-2011, 01:04 PM
When that happens to me.....I add tension to my rollers,,, this allows one hand on the spool the other by thickest part of the blank.

IMO... reversible motor for 3-4 inches of thread is not worth it, if they make one. Going just a tad slower it comes out could even tape it down with masking tape and take break.

02-10-2011, 05:25 PM
Yeah , reversing the motor just for that would cause havoc as you fly by what you intended to unravel and proceed to get stuff wrapping under the bottom , etc.

I switch to reverse any lathe is sometimes a handy item but even if I had one on my rod lathe , I would not use it to unwind a little thread.

I do simpathize though , sometimes turning the rod between your fingers gives you a thumb cramp. I seldom overrun but I do often just use my hand for trim bands and doing crosswraps etc. using the motor is mostly for underwaps , overwraps , sanding , , etc. ne the fat part you can often spin it with just downward pressure and a moving hand. this is especially true mear the cork tape which gives your skin some traction.

If you overrun a lot , you may need to slow the motor down. i use a dimmer switch intsalled on one electrical leg to set the max rpm and the foot peddle to modulate between stopped and the max set at the dimmer switch. Really helps to be able to control that max speed with other than the foot peddle.