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03-27-2011, 09:29 AM
Looking to build a8' heavy fresh to throw swimbaits and possibly schoolie stripes. Is a 8' rod too short for the NGC. Maybe I should just try lining up the guides and test cast? trying to save some time. thanks mike. Ps. rod is a GLB 96 1m will be using a daiwa certate 4000 with alconite most likley bsvag's and blvag's? thanks again mike.

03-27-2011, 04:31 PM
Hell no! A concept layout is perfect on an 8 foot rod, although a 4000 sized reel (I'm not familiar with the certate however) seems a bit small for the power of the blank.

The fuji site has a number of suggested layouts for that size rod.

It is cruel, however, to send you to the FUJI site since the complete one is all in Japanese.

One 8 foot rod they show using MN-LN-L guides goes MN 30-20, then LN 16 -10, then L (or LN) 8-8-8 to 8tip.

From the tip their spacings in centimeters are 12.5-14-15.5-19.5-21.5-25.5-28.

With their new KWAG and KLAG, KTAG guides you could likely go even smaller and start with a 20 or 25 then cone down over 2 more guides to your KTAG runners. Maybe 25-16-12-8888? You'd have to look at it once your reel seat is mounted.

They have spacings using V and Y guides as well as LC and LDB setups if you wade around enough to find them.