View Full Version : Looking for suggestions in Eastham Area

05-13-2011, 05:12 AM

I am leaving my comfort zone North of Boston and my fellow PISC team to visit a friend in the Eastham/Orleans area, and looking for some shore locations to start the season.

Any suggestions welcome!


Ross-see you on the "Rock" a bit later in the season

05-13-2011, 06:17 AM
Peter I will shoot you a PM later today
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05-13-2011, 11:07 AM
I'd like to see that PM ; )

05-13-2011, 01:29 PM
First spot burn request post this year..............

05-13-2011, 02:20 PM
I'll be in Truro the week before labor day. I want to catch fish. PM's welcome. Make it easy for me folks!

05-13-2011, 06:58 PM
I will probably be in Truro the week before labor day also. Who knows where the fish will be at that point. Hopefully I will be in touch with them at that point.

05-13-2011, 07:20 PM
In all honesty I would just spend a little money at blackbeard b and t and ask for intel. Nice guy that runs that shop. Good t shirts and bumper stickers.
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05-13-2011, 07:43 PM
get in your car and just look for water,bay side or ocean side and start walking soon or later you will find fish .there isn't any magic place to go,the fish can be anywhere at any time,seek and you shall find.