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05-18-2011, 06:12 AM
I was remodeling a bathroom in a customer's home and noticed several rods and reels hanging in the basement. The homeowner, an elderly gentleman, offered to give me a bunch of lures including a Floyd Roman Dart and Dart, a Sizzler, and a Lil Sandee (all in original boxes). I thanked him and told him they were too valuable and he should really have one of his adult children take them but he said they didn't want them. I then told him they were too valuable to just give away and I couldn't take advantage of his generosity. They were in the original boxes, the trebles were rusted but the finish looked good. I really would have been tempted if he had a Nike as this will be the next plug I make in the Fall. Any ranges on the value of these three plugs? I make plugs to fish but do not collect but absolutely admire the work of those that preceeded us. Can anybody give me an approximate value of these plugs so I can inform him of their value to a collecter? Thanks

05-18-2011, 09:32 AM
As you said there is rust , so in todays market :wall:
The value would be on the Lil Sandee, with box between $50 and up , really need a picture
New in the box in the past on ebay has been 300+ :smash: don't think we will see that again