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07-02-2011, 08:44 AM
Burned some totally full Blu Ray discs. Was easy. I didn't even have to use the #^&#^&#^&#^&ey software that came with the burner. Just did it using a Win7 utility. Two for 2 on chock full discs. Got to love the way almost everything installs itself automatically in Windows now. Yes updated drivers are better but at least the thing is up and running in no time just by plugging things in and turning of computer. It surprised me that windows both installed the BD burner and had the software to use it when even the siftware that came with the burner was a little inadiquate.

Also found out that the cheepo (60 cents) 4x burn rate memorex actually burned at 8 X in my LG12X. I haven't seen any listed that will actually burn at 12X but I'm sure they are coming someday.

I hope the BD-DL's come down in price soon. That's just a whatever the market will bear price now. No justification for them to be like $4 sometimes. That will be bout 50 Gig per disc (actually holds about 46 Gig). Once the DL discs are cheap , I see people using them a lot for bulk storage. Home movies I think will be a good app for the 50 Gig discs.

07-06-2011, 05:47 AM
ya still gotta format the blank disk first, yes?

tried running the restore disk prog and it didn't take
in win 7 .... and i'm thinking :huh: thats why?

07-06-2011, 11:30 AM
I didn't format it seperately. The program opens when the blank BD is sensed. It asks do you want it for use like a flash drive or like a DVD. I clicked DVD. It said add files just like Nero or Roxio does. It told me I had too much , I removed on file it said OK then it did its thing. In the end I got a Blue Ray disc that I can stick in and read like any other DVD you would burn.

If you are seeking a disc to act like a spare drive then you would choose the flash drive option. That may require prior formating. I haven't done that yet.