View Full Version : The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

07-31-2011, 01:49 AM
Anyone ever seen this movie/documentary? About a family in Boone County, WV that has achieved almost rock star like status among some people in the area while others think they are a complete disgrace. They are involved in all types of crime and they all pretty much drink and do drugs openly throughout the movie. At one point, one of the hideous looking, drugged out daughters has a child of her own. They show the woman snorting pills from her hospital bed 15 ft away from her newborn. It's really disturbing to watch. The doctors later find drugs in the newborn's blood and the child is immediately taken from the mother, Thank God. One thing's for sure, this movie certainly doesn't help WV's image. A lot of my family is from there, and while I still consider that place the land before time, they take a lot of pride in where they come from and like many other "mountaineers" they were embarrassed and offended by this movie. Definitely worth checking out, plays on Showtime once in a while . Might be on demand....