View Full Version : GSB108 1M

11-03-2011, 10:55 AM
Does anyone have a concept guide layout for a GSB108 1M.I would like to build this rod for a VS150 which I have not yet bought.Got to get threw Xmas first.I,ll be using MN guides.

11-04-2011, 07:32 PM
2,255X27 is about 61 inches. Lets assume 24 inches from butt to front of spool. That puts your Choker at 85 from the butt end and leaves 23 to the tip. So from the tip I would go about 5.25, 10.85, 16.8 , 23.05 from the tip using size 10 MN's. I would then switch to KW's and just run them up the straight edge where they want to fall to create the bullseye. Try using 3 guides playing between 12, 16, 20, 25 and 30L to see which combination fits best and still runs up the straight edge. Different combinations will have different slopes heading to the choker but still can be concentric. Example...30L 20, 12 or 25 , 16, 12 . Could even be 25 , 16 and no 3rd reduction guide , just straight to the 10 choker. You need to determine this by laying them out and for optimization , test casting.

If you want cookbook for the reduction guides try (from the extended spool face) a 20 at 47 a 16 at 54.5 and see how it casts. If its bunching up or too much line slap add a 25, 30L at about 38 or 39.

You cvan not build the rod optimally with online suggestions. It can be good but optimization means tweaking the guides using test casting with the exact reel and line. This is why I seldom give guide spacings, sizes etc online anymore.