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11-17-2011, 05:25 PM
Looks like they are going all out on the web, check in deer and furbearers without going to a check station....


MassWildlife moves to all-electronic sales of licenses in 2012 and adds opportunity to check harvested game online with MassFishHuntsystem.
To eliminate paperwork, save postage and printing costs, and to provide sportsmen and sportswomen with 24-hour licensing and game reporting services, the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) is announcing that all licenses and permits will be obtained electronically from either a home computer, participating license vendor, or from a DFW office. Licenses, stamps, and permits for the 2012 calendar year will be available for purchase in early December.
“The Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (DFW) has been selling licenses, permits, and stamps online for over a decade,” said Wayne MacCallum, Director of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. “By replacing the traditional handwritten licenses with MassFishHunt,sportsmen get one-stop immediate online purchase of licenses, stamps, and most game permits and easy reprinting of damaged or lost licenses, tags, permits, and stamps.” MacCallum noted that license buyers with a computer, printer, and access to the internet will experience additional benefits: purchasing and printing of licenses, permits, or stamps any time of day or night; reporting game harvest online; receiving important updates and messages; and participating in sportsmen’s surveys from the Division via email.
Online computer users can visit MassFishHunt at any time of day or night to make their purchases. A credit card, access to a printer, and plain white paper for printing is all that is needed. Licenses, stamps, and permits will also be available for sale at DFW district offices, the Westborough Field Headquarters and the DFW Boston office, as well as participating license vendors, including all Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in Massachusetts. Some municipal clerks and other local businesses will also continue to sell licenses. The difference at these traditional venues is that the license will be computer generated. Lists of 2012 license vendors are available at DFW offices and online

“If the purchase venues mentioned are inconvenient, consider visiting a public library to purchase your license, permits, and stamps,” says Marion Larson, DFW Outreach Coordinator. “If you don’t own a computer or use one, your community library most likely provides computers and printers with internet access. Knowledgeable library staff often assist people unfamiliar with using computers. All you need is your credit card.” One final suggestion from Larson, “Be a good sport by offering to help your computer–phobic friend or family member to purchase their license online. That way you can ensure that everyone will ready to enjoy the great outdoors together throughout the year!”
Minors ages 15-17 may obtain their free fishing license (new legislation effective for 2012) online, but due to certain documentation requirements, can only purchase a hunting or sporting license at a DFW office or official license vendor. Sportsmen and women over 70 also can obtain their licenses online, through a license vendor, or at a DFW office. Lost or destroyed your license? You can either go online at home or to any license vendor or DFW office to access your, customer account and reprint your license.

Anyone who purchases licenses, permits, or stamps from an online computer will be charged a convenience fee of $1.50 per license plus a 3% credit card handling fee. The convenience fee pays for the development and maintenance of the MassFishHunt system. If purchases are made from any license vendor (except DFW offices) only the $1.50/license fee will be charged. No convenience or commission fee is charged when purchasing a license at DFW offices. Credit cards are not accepted at DFW offices. As in the past, if purchasing a license from a participating license vendor or town/city hall, license buyers may be charged a separate commission. Public libraries usually charge a nominal fee for printing.

Archery, primitive firearms, and waterfowl stamps will no longer be produced as “stamps”. With MassFishHunt, the collector-style stamps will no longer be produced. Instead a notation on hunting and sporting licenses will include information that the required “stamps” were purchased.

Bear and turkey hunters will have the ability to immediately print out their permits and tags when they purchase their license, whether online or at a license vendor. Antlered deer tags are printed out automatically with a hunting/sporting license purchase. Antlerless deer permit applications must still be electronically submitted by July 16 either online or at any license vendor. In addition, applicants will have to go back online or to a license vendor during a designated random instant awards selection and sales period to see if they are selected for an antlerless permit. More details on the antlerless deer permit selection process will be provided later in 2012. The MassFishHunt system eliminates having to mail in an application and wait for permits to arrive via postal mail.

Woodcock and waterfowl hunters are still required to complete a Harvest Information Program (HIP) survey. The traditional telephone survey will no longer be offered, instead the survey will be administered online or survey questions will be asked by the license vendor. Hunters will not be assigned a HIP number; instead a “HIP Survey completed” notation will be printed on the hunting/sporting license. This notation is all that is needed to show proof that the survey was completed.

Finally, the last change for 2012 involves a new method to report or check in game. Successful hunters will have the option to report deer, turkey, bears, or furbearers either electronically (online or at a license vendor) or at a traditional check station. If game is checked at a traditional check station, an official seal will be attached to the animal. The seal must remain on the animal until it is butchered, skinned, or otherwise processed. If checking or reporting using the online MassFishHunt system, hunters can check in or report their harvest from any online computer (home, library, etc.) with internet access. Using this system the DFW anticipates that in 2012 hunters will fill out an online form asking the same information sportsmen have always been asked to provide at traditional game check stations. A number will immediately be generated for that animal which must be written by the hunter on the tag attached to the animal. This is the “official seal” required by law. One exception to this process will be during the shotgun season for deer, when harvested deer will be required to taken to a traditional check station for DFW biologists to gather biological data. More details on new checking/reporting procedures will be available in time for the 2012 hunting season.

“There will be some adjustments for all of us during this time of transition,” said Wayne MacCallum. “The Division will monitor the new system and make necessary changes and improvements over time. The MassFishHunt system strikes a balance by accommodating and offering benefits to the sportsmen and women of the Commonwealth. We appreciate the support and understanding of sportsmen and women during this period of change, and look forward to improving service to license holders while continuing to provide sound stewardship of our state’s fish and wildlife populations and the habitats on which they depend.”

Questions and further details about these changes for 2012 can be answered at DFW District offices located in Ayer (978) 772-2145; Belchertown (413) 323-7632; Bourne (508) 759-3406; Dalton (413) 684-1646; West Boylston (508) 835-3607; or by calling the Westborough Field Headquarters (508) 389-6300 or Boston office (617) 626-1590. Details are also available on a Frequently Asked Questions link at MassWildlife - FAQs on Licensing and Game Checking (

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