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11-21-2011, 07:33 PM
I have a few Mitchell 402's which I modified and been using. It has a spool diameter of 2.85". I'm doing a 11' fast taper rod for plugs and tins,1 -4oz. 30lb braid line is used. I did a few different set ups including a COF version. The issue is the stripper guide. I used 40HH COF set up, a 40mm bsvlg and a 30h (NGC) for stripper guides. The stripper guide is approx 36.5 -38" from extended spool face. The 40mm, 25, 16 & 30H, 20m & 12L looks good in set up (NCG) statically and under load but I'm concerned on line bunching with this large of spool. The 2 NGC use #10's for the rest of guides. The 40HH COF set up looked like it belonged on the set up but if I can get a good NGC set up to wirk I would prefer. The Choker is 75.6 in from spool. I will need to get a chance to test cast these set ups obviously but looking for preliminary suggestions.

11-21-2011, 08:31 PM
Locate the 10 choker then just work back up the line towards the spool to locate the reduction guides. Then go out and adjust based on field casting trials.In addition to the spool diameter , you should try to push the choker closer if the reel has an upsweep angle.

BTW , I do not use the center spool to top outside of guides to do NGC. I use top of spool lip and inside top ring height to locate my reduction guides (why I do this would take a lot of typing to explain but that is how I like to do it).

I think the whole H , M , L guide thing is better handles in NGC by using the newer Kw guides then transitioning at the choker and forward to either MN's or one of the two single foot K style guides. These single food K style guides are stubby and rugged , not delicate like the BLVLG's.

Now for a big reel like the one you mention , COF may be better than NGC for overall fishability. Sometimes 6 or 7 guides with the smallest a 12 or 16 and a 16 tip if better for overall fishing (not concentrating on just casting) Than a 9 guide NGC with 6 number 10 running guides. That's a decision you need to make up front based on overall fishing requirements.

11-22-2011, 07:09 PM
I came up another COF version with a twist: 40HH, 30H, 20M, 16L, 12,12/10 & 12 tip. Took the line from top of spool then from the bottom of spool. tied off from center of tip. Loaded and static look good. I will be casting all the set ups and will get back with my findings. thanks for your suggestions.

12-21-2011, 09:12 PM
Well I tried going with heights from chart. I see there was lower K frames but my sources tell me the KW40L @ 58.2 MM height has been discontinued. The KW 30L is available @ 49.4MM. I'm using a Diawa Emblem 5K. It seems the guide heights and ring sizes don't line up like the Svag 40, 25, 16 then going to BMNAG10J choke & runner guides. Is a 30 K frame to small for a emblem spool? If not hows the KW30, KW 25 & KW20 w/ BMNAG10J ck & runners? The KW 16 height is 5 MM shorter. Wonder if this 5mm difference will effect the transition guide set up. I don't want to purchase extra K guides if I don't.

12-22-2011, 11:09 AM
KW 30 , 25 , 20 ends you up too high to go down to a choker. Try 25, 16 , 12 or 30, 20, 12 then 10 choker and runners. Its not so much the size of the gathering guide as its height at X location that you need to match to the reel. .

12-22-2011, 08:05 PM
I notice on the height chart the KW in 20,&12 are shorter in height than the SV style.
Using a KW 30 stripper w/ large spool should bring the guide in the low 30" range. I decided to use the KT single foots for the choker and runners. I want to keep the tip section as light as possible and retain the K guide set up. I don't have the guides yet but by pictures there seems to be no frame shank on the single foot to use a locking wrap. Do you feel the lock wrap is necessary? I feel the epoxy finish filled in the back should ramp effect a block to keep from sliding out of windings>

12-24-2011, 10:29 AM
I think the KT's have the extra long foot and an epoxy wicking gimmick so no locking wrap needed (I think its the KT's). Check and Anglersresource to be sure which K single foot has these features