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02-01-2012, 08:05 PM
OK heres the scoop. I put a rod up for sale and had to remove because ultimately I was not sure what the blank is.

The guy I bought from in 2006 said it was a SW1209Batson/Rainshadow.
I decide to sell it and I determine that it may be a 1208, based on info gathered on this site and taking some rough measurements of the rod blank and making edumacated guess. I pulledthe ad until I can be sure what the hell I have.
I am going to try to get in touch with MikeCC to get his opinion.
In the meantime I wanted the opinions of the learned folks here, of what you think I have here. I'll post A few pics to review.

It is a 1 pc. 10 foot rod, built in late 2005. Flat / matte black blank color.
Estimated (has cork tape and cap end) butt end measurment is between 0.850 to 0.90. Tip just below guide tip base (1' from rod tip) mikes out at about 0.105.
Is it a 1208 or 1209 ??????
Batson or Allstar

Mike P
02-01-2012, 08:25 PM
Gotta keep in mind, in Batson blanks, the SW series and the SU series were totally different. The SW series resembles the older Sabre blanks. The SU series was designed specifically as a copy of the All Stars, by the same guy who designed them originally.

There isn't much difference between the SW 1208 and 1209. Both are moderate/fast blanks, and they will both handle about 1 to 4 oz. The difference is too slight to determine from a picture, and even from blank measurements. It would take someone very familiar with the rods to tell, even hands-on.

There's a huge difference between the SU 1208 and 1209. The 1208 is a 2-5 blank, and the 1209 is a 3 to ??? (possibly 10+) blank.

02-02-2012, 05:47 PM
Thanks Mike, Got this info. for RS blanks which confirms what you said. 1208 & 1209 - very close on the measurments. The 1209 is smaller at the tip, which does not figure, and just slightly beefier at the butt, and you can throw up to 6 oz. ???
SW1087 Trns.Blk / M Clear 8'10" 1 15-25lb. 3/4-4oz. 0.740 7.5 Mod-Fast Med 7.15oz.
SW1088 Trns.Blk / M Clear 8'10" 1 20-30lb. 1-4oz. 0.775 8.0 Mod-Fast Med-Hvy 8.65oz.
SW1089 Trns.Blk / M Clear 8'10" 1 20-40lb. 1-6oz. 0.800 9.0 Mod-Fast Hvy 10.18oz.
SW1207 Trns.Blk / M Clear 10'0" 1 15-25lb. 3/4-4oz. 0.800 7.5 Mod-Fast Med 9.27oz.
SW1208 Trns.Blk / M Clear 10'0" 1 20-30lb. 1-4oz. 0.820 8.0 Mod-Fast Med-Hvy 11.17oz.
SW1209 Trns.Blk / M Clear 10'0" 1 20-40lb. 1-6oz. 0.835 7.5 Mod-Fast Hvy 11.73oz.

Mike P
02-02-2012, 08:30 PM
I wouldn't try to throw 6 oz on a SW 1209. :hs: