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08-02-2012, 07:31 AM
Had the opportunity at our club, Ct Surfcasters to demo with Ryan White various Century rods on the beach. I must say in the extended lengths they are light. Most of the rods had infinished butts or plain shrink wrap. The smallish diameters at the butt do call for a need to double wrap even if it's at the bottom hand. I was trying to get a feel for a slower blank and opted to cast the 10' stealth. I always liked rods for throwing eels and non areodynamic plugs. I was extremely lightweight and the blank in front of the grip looked like I was using my freshwater bass rod. ryan assurred me by demoing the rods BACKBONE!!. I struggled to lift this rod as he proceeded to test the rods make up. Now the point of this post is to ask those who have actually fished this rod and caught large fish in structure, it's stopping capabilities and limits. Next year they are also coming out with new model sizes for a 9-11' spod version and a jetty series which may be another good option for our sytle of fishing.

08-02-2012, 07:48 AM
I own the 10ft stealth and fished it hard in spring, biggest fish was 26lbs, this was a day of fishing a herring run and numerous hi teen to mid 20 lb fish in a steady current flow.

The rod handled them great, it does have enough backbone to turn a fish.

Biggest fish I personal seen caught on that 10fr model was 38lbs last year at block in a boulder field, the rod performed flawlessly.

The rod is so light you can fish it all night.

I have the 10ft which i fished from april to june and 11ft rated 2 to 5 oz which has been my go to rod for te rest of the season.

Redfins to 5oz rigged eels, surf fish to 27lbs and even pulled some 22 to 26lb fish from the canal with it.

I'm building the new S2 11ft stealth now which is a beefed up version of 1326.

Let me know if you want to throw one again, lend it out for little while so you can actually fish it.

The stuff for 2013 looks amazing
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Sgt Striper
08-02-2012, 08:40 AM
Mid 40's from the Canal on the 11' Stealth!

08-03-2012, 10:18 PM
Found that rod to be a nice eel rod and good for swimmers. not my favorite for surface plugs as it reminds me of the old lami 1362m. soft at the tip with a good butt.I like the sling shots for most of my pluggin. the 10 ft 6 is sweet. I can stop 30 plus lb fish with no prob in the ditch.Ron

Rob Rockcrawler
08-05-2012, 10:44 AM
I pulled a 28 from the canal on a cranking tide with the 10' stealth early in the season. I was not planning on using the rod for the canal but it was what i had in the jeep. I was surprised a the balls the rod had. I landed a high 30 low 40 fish a couple weeks ago using it also. It is perfect for eels.