View Full Version : Good Albie/Bonito rod reel combo

08-24-2012, 01:44 PM
I do mostly surf fishing so I've got a lot of beefy 10 footers. Looking to do a nice lite set up for some fall fishing around the vineyard with my uncle. My feeling right now is to go with a 4000 baitrunner 7foot tiger lite ugly with 15 lb mono that I can tie right to a deadly dick. Any of you guys that target these species have a tip? (looking at you Sandman, that was a hell of albie you posted)

08-26-2012, 01:21 AM
I like an 8footer rated 10-17lb test with 20lb braid. reel is a Stradic4000- thats my setup. rod model is not too important- now I'm using a Quantum Cabo rod- works fine.

Mr. Sandman
08-26-2012, 07:19 AM
I love fishing for albies from the surf...they are such a blast. My favorite rod is a st.Croix surf rod about 8' with a stella 5000 WITH 25# braid and a 20# floro leader. Yeah I know it is pricey but what a pleasure to cast and fish with. You might want to look at the new st. croix mojo surf series in that size...would be ideal for your quarry. As for reel, if price is an issue, then you want to consider the Saragossa, still a lot of quality and comfort there with much lower sticker shock of a stella. This combo will allow you to really punch a 1 oz metal into the wind without any problem and if you take care of it, it will last many seasons.

I also have a ultra light that I use mostly from the boat but when conditions allow, it is one of the green loomis rods. I have a 2500 stella on it for a reel and fish 12# braid. Dangerous to fish from the beach because if you get hit at the end of your cast with a good fish, you can get spooled. But when the fish are not monsters (or you are in a boat where you can chase them) this rod is beyond fun!