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Mr. Sandman
11-09-2012, 11:35 AM
Just before the storm (tue) I went toggin on my favorite rock pile. Action was steady and fish were decent 5#+. The tide slackened and I thought...hmmm I bet I could get one on a fly right now and I think I have a crab fly or two someplace...went down below to fetch the rod and it turns out I took all the fly gear off the boat already. Damn...that was my chance! Today I dug thru my box of tricks and put together a tog rig for my dredge fly line set up. If they conditions present themself again I will give it a shot. Hope to go again soon. Chance of success with those fish in those rocks with this tippet???...slim to none. But it will be something to think about over the winter.:fishin:

11-09-2012, 02:39 PM
Mr. Sandman Got your e-mail seems you have some flies already , you should TIE MORE an put a WEED GUARD on it like bass fishing in the weeds. heavy gauge mono so you can fish the rocks, an heavy tippet for rubbing on them. some call this CHEETING :fury:BUT all the guys that my son ties crab flies for they DIP them in SENT. they say it's the SENT what ATTRACTES them, to the fly, they say they can SMEEL the crabs in the rocks, that's why they use SENT. ALSO more TRADITIONAL---> SEA ROBIN flies

the top one would be it, easy tie tie it as a JIG FLY
1.tin in weed guard, wrap weight on the hook
2. some flash for legs
3.. body yellow.cream, tan, light brown
4. a few extras to give it crabby appearance
5. tie in weed guard, fish the hell out of it.

Ill do one up later this week an post it.:uhuh: