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11-29-2012, 12:59 AM
Not sure what to make of the brawl tonight. Part of me likes seeing players stick up for their teammates. I know I would've been quick to "help" another player on my team back when I was playing. Another part of me thinks it was excessive on Rondo's part. IMO he has been losing his cool way too much going back to last season when he was constantly getting T'd up for altercations with the refs. Not quite sure he will ever be the leader they're hoping he becomes. It pains me to say that because I think Rondo would easily be the best PG in the game if he had a steady jumper( he's improved a little) and if he had a more even-keeled demeanor.

I'm also starting to question Doc, even though I still think he's a great coach. Last post-season I thought he made some bad decisions in the way he played some guys and this season he still doesn't seem to think rebounding matters, especially offensive rebounding, even after they were the worst rebounding team in the league last year. He actually said last week that offensive rebounding is the most overrated stat in the game, and the way he defended his argument made some sense. But to me, someone who grew up playing basketball and had a chance to play at a relatively high level, I think rebounding is HUGE. If anything at all, it shows EFFORT. It shows toughness. It shows heart. IMO you have to be able to rebound to be a good team.

I thought earlier in the year this team would gel at the half-way mark in the season, but I;m starting to have my doubts. Paul is really showing his age more and more each season. That move Joe Johnson put on him nearly broke his ankles, it was embarrassing. Paul is my favorite player of all time, but its hard watching him now. I'm starting to think they should start Jeff Green, just for some athleticism, and bring Paul off the bench.

My only hope is that we are so deep with both talented and experienced guys that we will make a run later in the season. But i don't think there's any way the C's come out of the East this year. I'd be shocked if they made it out of the second round, if they even make it there. But I am a die-hard C's fan so I will stick it out and hope that I am wrong.

11-29-2012, 11:07 PM
Unless you have a blistering high shooting percentage , offensive rebounds is the single biggest stat in the game IMO. In the old days it was the single thing that allowed teams to win championships without 35 PPG stars. The other thng about offensive rebounds is that the teams that get a lot all season long also seem to get them when they need them. Practice makes perfect. If every game you are playing for rebounding position and polishing your ability to grab the offensive rebounds when the D players have the inside position , then it stand to reason that when you really need one you have a much higher chance of getting one than the guy who doesn't even try for them all year long. Offensive rebounds are the result of hard work. Unfortunately hard work is not a big part of the NBA anymore. :(

Yes , Rondo's biggest problem is in his head. Not just getting into fights , etc but he totally loses his cool a lot. Without his head in the game , all the physical talent gets wasted at times.

11-29-2012, 11:58 PM
Completely agree with everything you said. "Boxing out" seems to be a foreign concept to these new-age players. I know you're a big C's fan, you think they have any chance? Or are you taking the wait and see approach?

11-30-2012, 01:44 PM
With the old guys like Pierce and KG as the heart of the team , they will be doing a lot of coasting in the first half of the season. We won't know what kind of team we have until end of March probably! :) I think they will make the playoffs but likely go no where in the playoffs. Rondo's play is Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. One day great , one day out to lunch. I think that hurts us in the playoffs.

11-30-2012, 04:23 PM
That's exactly how I feel. Hope the C's find a way to pick up a bruiser for the front line...