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05-22-2000, 07:15 AM
Wind against tide,tide against wind,man against tide,fish against man,man against fish,one with nature,nature with one.

scant offerings cast to a boundless sea,heaving the mighty stick seaward in search of greatness,beaten down in the dead of night form a crashing unforgiven ocean,feeling the salt sting a freshly shaven face (who needs aquavelva?)

the take , the hit, the runoff, drags melting in a paste!! the brute strong force of a 40pound lineside flailing her mighty tail like a corn broom against the ebbing tide of the inlet.The wind singing a sweet melodic song as it whistels past the taught line!the give and take of man and fish,who will win this war that takes place in the deep dark lonely night? The world sleep's as you ply your trade,you are not the norm,preferring to avoid the masses and be alone in the solitude of the night,but, you are not alone for your quarry is also awake,the greatest fish that swims, the striped bass!! you have the company of a partner now and then but, few words are spoken,you are both engrossed in this exercise of losing sleep and it sometimes feels futile until, that moment when all the cards come together and the take from a large girl startels you out of your stupor.

Your companion only revealing his presense on this earth when his necklight comes on to show that he has conquerd the mighty fish of greatness and he sends a momentary flash in your direction to make you aware of his good fortune,hopefully you will be next to dance a light in his direction!!

Whats better than this I ask?? Nothing!! striped bass fishing is life!! The ocean is my playgroung,my altar of worship, my secret lover!! everything I need it to be.It can calm your soul or beat you down!!

uh oh, the suns coming up!! time to hit the rack and dream of the next encounter with "old pajama's" the anticipation is that of a child at christmas time!!

Striped bass fishing, THE BEST THERE IS !!!!

05-22-2000, 08:29 AM
Bill, that was just so damn eloquent... But it's the truth. You look at the tide charts,the tide is dropping well after midnite, the wind is pushing the way you want, and the masses are sound asleep... You spread out and work the surf. You and the ocean, you and her...

Good Ramble... Puts a smile on <img src="/Images/Happy_Face.gif"><!--e1-->!!!

05-23-2000, 06:20 PM
Nice Stuff Guys. Some times I feel like a "Vampire", being out all nite like that. When I get my keep, I like to kiss them on the fore head, when I send them back, and I always tell them to be more caful the next time