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05-23-2013, 02:47 PM
After a very successful and exciting Week 1 where the lead changed hands a few times and some late-inning heroics determined the winners we drive straight into what may prove to be one of the best weeks of the year as far as scores go and one of the toughest as far as the mix of people you're going to run into if you can see the sun at all while you're out.
I was just at M&D's an hour ago and one group from Michigan summed it all up for me...

ME: "Hey Mike, can I grab 2-dozen eels?"
MIKE: "Yup."
MI-MAN1: "You gonna use those for stripers?"
ME: "Mmhmm"
MI-MAN1: "From a boat?"
ME: "Nope from the surf."
MI-MAN1 to MI-MAN2: "That means he fishes from the shore!"
[MI-MAN2 nods enthusiastically]
ME: "Yep. Well, we'll see if I can throw them at all with this wind!"
MI-MAN1: "Why is it windy out there?"
ME: "Yeah, it's howling out there!"
MI-MAN1: "Where is the wind?"
ME: "EVERYWHERE the wind can reach!!?" :smash:

Yup, it's gonna be a good one!

So far only two teams have entered fish...

Team GoTight 167
Team Misfits 33

05-24-2013, 01:23 PM
Standings as of 2:20 PM FRI

Team GoTight 175
Team Misfits 70
The Fish Pigs 64
Team Minus Tide 40*
The Night's Huntsmen 34*

*Awaiting photo confirmation

05-25-2013, 12:21 PM
STANDINGS AS OF 1:20 P.M. Saturday...

Team GoTight 175
Fishwhispering RI 169
The Holy Hookers 166
Team Minus Tide 132
Team Misfits 107
The Worm Wigglers 67
The Fish Pigs 64
5th Cousins 36
Blood for Blood 35
The Night's Huntsmen 34

05-25-2013, 09:39 PM
STANDINGS AS OF 10:30 Saturday Night

With big seas and insane winds, Week 2 has been something of a disappointment... so far. With 19 hours until the end of this Event Weekend there is much opportunity for upgrades, there are eight teams within striking distance of the top--the wind ain't making it easy... but it ain't making it impossible either!

Team GoTight 175
Fishwhispering RI 169
The Holy Hookers 166
Team Badfish 159
Blood for Blood 143
Team Minus Tide 132
The Fish Pigs 126
The Night's Huntsmen 116
Team Misfits 107
The Barclay Boys 74
The Worm Wigglers 67
Reel Team Six 38
5th Cousins 36

05-29-2013, 08:25 AM
The big score parade predicted for week two was somewhat of a disappointment, as a powerful cold front gripped the Northeast, New York and New Jersey all of our anticipation was replaced by the sounds of howling wind and relentless downpours. This forced most of us back into the rivers or other protected waterways to hunt for anything that would put some numbers on the board. The first few days were slow, with Team GoTight posting the only five fish score for Thursday and the only other fish entered was a single 33-incher for Team Misfits! As Thursday morphed into Friday the weather really began to bear down on the coastal regions of the Northeast coast, lots of rain and howling wind rendered many areas unfishable. Fishwhispering RI logged a full five overnight and 5th Cousin’s Christian Amaral started their weekend off with a 36-incher. Team GoTight checked in with two “kicker” upgrades to gain four inches remaining in the top spot with 175. It wasn’t looking like the blockbuster weekend we expected!
But then, against all odds, the fish started to trickle in. First it was a single 35-incher from Blood for Blood’s Justin Trask, then it grew into a two-fish score of 62 inches from Team Minus Tide’s Mike Morgan. It was starting to get interesting! By noontime we had entries from Team Misfits and The Worm Wigglers as well, and that was just the beginning! After lunch the entries began to pour in; The Barclay Boys dropped a 74, Team Badfish’s John Hanecak unloaded a heavy five fish haul of 159 and Blood for Blood added to their score once the afternoon bite subsided, Trask added a 36 and hard-working Pete Wells supported his team with a 34 and a 38. A late entry from The Holy Hookers’ “Grampa” Greg McNamara put them in the running with a five fish tally of 166! It was shaping up to be a real competition now and when Sean Kearney of The Fish Pigs texted in videos of his fish adding up to 134 inches the mix got even thicker.
And nothing could prepare us for what was about to happen next! Sunday brought a massive hit for anglers fishing in the vicinity of the Upper-Cape with lots of 35- to 42-inch fish willing to hit just about anything! By the end of the day Team GoTight had upgraded all but one of their previous entries, 5th Cousins launched themselves from the bottom of the pile to second place as “Chef” Chris Blouin logged a 42, a 40 and a 39 while his partner contributed a second 39 and a 38. Team Minus Tide began a frenzy of entries, Mike Morgan entered 18 fish on his own, including qualifying fish measuring 37, 37, 38 and 40 inches. His partner, Greg McSharry, added the cherry with a second 40-inch fish putting them at 190 points for the weekend. Blood For Blood roared back as Pete Wells logged a 41-incher to lock them into 4th place with a final score of 184. Bruce May of Team Misfits made his first waves in the competition logging bass measuring 35, 36 and 37 inches giving his team 182 points which, after Chris Tuttle and Dan Sullivan of The Worm Wigglers sent in their entries would tie them for 5th place! At the end of the day Team GoTight held their ground with a 42-inch upgrade from Dave Anderson and three upgrades measuring 41, 41, and 40 inches from Dave Daluz, the deed was done.
For a full breakdown of the team standings visit our website GoTight.Net - Surfcasting & Striped Bass Tournaments Online (

1. Team GoTight 201
2. 5th Cousins 198
3. Team Minus Tide 190
4. Blood for Blood 184
5. The Worm Wigglers 182
6. Team Misfits 182
7. The Barclay Boys 179
8. RD's Bass Habit 170
9. Fishwhispering RI 169
10. The Holy Hookers 166
11. The Fish Pigs 165
12. Team BadFish 159
13. The Night's Huntsmen 116
14. Reel Team Six 38

05-29-2013, 09:53 AM
I love this tourney...
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I keep getting asked about a Youth Cow Hunt update...